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        Yancheng Jiaye High-tech Material Technology Co,.LTD is specialized in producing all kinds of deying and printing auxiliaries for the wool deying and finishing production,we are focused on the R&D,manufacture and service of textile auxiliaries,and offer professional technical auxiliaries in China.Now,The corporation has been turned into the producer of textile auxiliaries in China.Now,we invested and managed the Runye Plush material,.

      LTD,Yuye Textile co,.LTD.and the Jiaye xindu branch.The corporation has established scientific management system,and persist in the policy of”Promoting auxiliaries cultural ,spreading the jiaye fashion,developping the energy saving new product,changing the traditional dyeing and pringting process .”,has passed the Intertek system assessment ,which assures the products quality.Series of auxiliaries in the wool industry have a higher reputation,the personage inside coures of study called processing plush soft style called processing plush soft expert,Plush feel,Textile auxiliaries.